Hodgepodge Training, Inc (HTI)

A workforce optimizing training company established to meet the needs of a changing workplace. We specialize in delivering training programs and workshops that improve morale and productivity for the individual and employer.

Serving: Employers, Entry-level and Current Employees, those in Job Transition, and Business Owners

Minorities, Professionals, Middle aged to seniors, Teenagers, School drop-outs, Highly educated, Disabled,

Veterans, Ex-offenders, Entrepreneurs regardless of: age, sex, race, ethnicity, education level, etc…

HTI Methodology

HTI has the solution to unlocking individual and workforce productivity resulting in success for everyone. Our training ‘process’ differentiates us from traditional training firms by:

  • Our unique methodology which focuses on integrating work-related tasks with an individual’s unique hodgepodge of skills, abilities, interests, experience, and passion, together with computer technology.
  • Accomplishing this without using: aptitude or assessment tests, traditional books, tests or exams, education level, and job placement.
  • Providing programs and workshops that are taught like a ‘workplace’ not ‘like school’.
  • Using a ‘process’ that helps all kinds of people including: minorities, professionals, middle aged to seniors, teenagers, school drop-outs, highly-educated, disabled, veterans, ex-offenders, and many others.
  • Using a ‘process’ that helps all kinds of people regardless of: demographic: age, sex, race, ethnicity, education level, etc.

Through HTI’s programs, an individual’s ability to find a successful/enjoyable position increases exponentially. Better than ninety-five percent of our participants have obtained jobs above minimum wage and entry level.