List of All Professional Development Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops

1. Understanding Your Job
2. Understanding Personal Development
3. Understanding Your Potential in the Workplace
4. Understanding Relationships in the Workplace
5. Understanding Teamwork in the Workplace
6. Understanding Employer and Supervisor Job Coaching
7. How to Prepare a Professional Resume
8. The Purpose of a Resume
9. The Purpose of a Cover Letter
10. Effective Presentations
11. Effective Interviewing Techniques
12. Career Options for the Unemployed, Underemployed Worker
13. Career Options for the Experienced Worker
14. Hodgepodge Formula for Successful Employment (Intro)
15. The Networking Practicum
16. How to Plan and Market You into a Job
17. Survival Options for the New Entrepreneur
18. Understanding Cultural Diversity
19. Understanding Your Purpose
20. Getting to Listen
21. Technology’s Impact on You and the Workplace
22. Technology’s Impact on the Black & Hispanic community
23. Beyond Talent
24. Overcoming Barriers
25. How People View You in a Job Search
26. Words That Have No Meaning in a Job Search
27. Effective Interviewing Techniques
28. Technology’s Impact on You and the Workplace
29. Overcoming Barriers
30. Soft Skills – the Major Skills Employers Need