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Carl Baker
Chris Nolan
Guss Stepp
Ronald Williams
Hardy Eason
Robert Goodchild
Ronald McMullen

Alex Perry
Betty Welker
Janie McGrew
Wen Boley
Andy Andrus
Richard Haley
Heisman Dukes
Elaine Williams
James Jackson
Josephine Holly
Mike Reddick
Tom Baptist
Several friends, family, and coworkers
College advisers and Faculty
Over 900 program participants
and 8,000 workshop attendees

Hodgepodge Training, Inc (HTI)

A workforce optimizing training company established in 2005, is the marketing arm of Hi-Tech Training Associates (HTA), founded by Eugene Hodge in 1987. This minority-owned firm meets the needs of a changing workplace. We specialize in delivering training programs and workshops that improve morale and productivity for the individual and employer. We are established training consultants with expertise in human development and computer technology dedicated to providing quality training that make people more productive. We offer: Individuals in career transition, Employers needing to improve productivity, Educational institutions, Federal/State government agencies, and Non-profit training organizations. These quality training programs enable us to match individuals to compatible job opportunities.

We license the above-mentioned entities to skillfully implement our ultimate job-enhancement ‘process’ to meet job-workforce needs. We define this as workforce optimization.

Founder Eugene Hodge studied human growth and development concluding the mix of unique skills and abilities (hodgepodge) one possesses, determines their motivation, productivity and happiness; and further if these unique skills and abilities are applied in the workforce will improve employer productivity and employee morale. Hi-Tech Training Associates (HTA) was created providing professional development training workshops and programs. After successfully enabling over 2000 individuals to find enjoyable employment (1993-2000) via programs implemented for the department of labor (innovative programs) and in five colleges. HTI eventually morphed into Hodgepodge Training, Inc. (HTI) in 2009. The merger was to take the Hi-Tech business venture and combine it with Hodgepodge Training to market training programs as new solutions for training the workforce.

Starting in Connecticut, the program was implemented at the University of Hartford, University of New Haven, Quinnipiac University, Gateway Community-Technical College, and Housatonic Community-Technical College. Other clients include, Connecticut Department of Labor, and Regional Workforce Development Board, Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC), and the Urban League.  In Florida, State Representative Frank Peterman and Senator Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr. has sponsored his program with the support of the Pinellas County Legislative Delegation.

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