Are you an employer looking to improve employee productivity and morale or an individual looking to have enjoyable jobs or a great career where you feel productive and appreciated?  These webinars and workshops use the Hodgepodge training ‘process‘ and guarantees improved morale and productivity for individuals, employees, and employers.

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Do you understand your job and how it fits into the overall organization? This workshop will help you to fully perform your job. You will learn the importance of: your job, role, skills and abilities utilized, and tasks involved. Upon completion, you will understand: your job, supervisor responsibilities, and be more productive and display improved morale.
Seeking to advance your career or gain a promotion? This workshop focuses on the development process, skills and abilities, and their affect on job performance. Upon completion, you will be able to recognize your own development, identify those who helped you develop, how you gained experiences, and how to further develop your career.
You have potential, but how do you recognize your potential and what can you do with it? In this workshop you will: learn the meaning of potential, how your peers, co-workers, and other people recognize potential in you, and how it applies to your job. Upon completion, you will be able to recognize your potential, potential in other people, and opportunities in the workplace.
Your relationship to others and other things has everything to do with your effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. This workshop explains how your relationships effect behavior, motivation, self-expectation, self-image, and employer expectations. Upon completion, you will understand how you relate to: your job, coworkers, superiors, customers, and be more productive.
In the workplace, you must work with other workers, superiors, and sometimes customers. You are all part of a team. The team must produce results; meet deadlines, and customer needs, etc. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of team, teamwork, being a team member, team player, and the advantages of team success.
Are your superiors and co-workers coaching you to do your job better? In this workshop, you will gain an awareness of supervisor and co-worker: coaching, job responsibilities, communication, and advancement. Upon completion, you will understand employer and supervisor coaching, be more productive, and know how to enhance your career.
Are you seeking employment or in career transition? This unique workshop provides a formula that brings it all together for you. In this workshop, you will gain an awareness of: your skills, abilities, and interests, personality traits, networking, and how to present yourself. Upon completion, you will recognize skills and abilities you possess, how to present yourself, and career change options, to find enjoyable employment.
Do you need a resume that will help you get the job you want? In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare a resume, resume components, action words, job functions, and how to assess your skills and abilities. Upon completion, you will have a draft of a resume that you can stand behind, and get you the job you want.
Understanding the purpose of a resume can alter your life and open doors to new employment opportunities. In this workshop you will learn the purpose of jobs, job descriptions, resume components, job applications, cover letters, and how your skill level is assessed. Upon completion, you will be able to describe yourself orally and on paper, know the purpose for content, and know how to recognize employment opportunities.
Cover letters are often misunderstood. Why would you need one and what’s its importance. In this workshop you will learn: the purpose of a cover letter, differences between a cover letter and resume, its components, and how to write it. Upon completion, you will: understand its purpose, importance, components, and how to write a cover letter to get the job you chose.
The term ‘networking’ is often misunderstood when seeking employment. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of: what is ‘networking’, its purpose, how it works, your network, and your advantage. You will learn also about the network you already have; and how to further expand it. Upon completion, you will know: levels of networking, how to introduce yourself, your unique advantage, and how to networking effectively to get the job that you want.
Are you seeking employment and wondering what interview questions you may be asked? In this workshop, you will learn what an interview is, its purpose, techniques employers use, and the most difficult questions. Upon completion, you will understand interviewing, be able to answer interview questions, have the confidence that will make you look good.
Are you seeking employment, considering a career change or wondering what else you can do? In this workshop, you will learn: what a career change is and is not, how to identify skills and abilities, and where the jobs are. Upon completion, you will be able to: recognize your career, job opportunities that match your qualifications and interests, and enjoyable career options you may have not considered.
Is your workplace diverse with workers of different: ages, sex, race, etc.? In this workshop, you will learn how to understand: beliefs, culture, gestures, values, sensitive issues, etc. of people not like you. Upon completion, you will have a better understanding of diversity in the workplace, and know how to improve: learning, communication, and respect of people of diverse cultures.
Do you know how well you hear others, what they are saying to you, and how well they hear you? In this unique workshop, you will learn the formula to get to “listening” and gain an awareness of: present, choice, interpretation, listen, etc. Upon completion, you will be able to get to “listening” and better communicate effectively with others in your life and the workplace.
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