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Cover Letter, What’s Its Purpose? (Digital Download)


Just like in the book, ‘Resume, What’s its Purpose?’ the cover letter also has a purpose.

Cover letters are misunderstood. When looking for a job many people copy samples of resumes and cover letters from booklets or templates from job search sites. They create cover letters often guessing what should be in it without questioning why. Do you know the purpose of a cover letter?

Do you know: what a cover letter is, who it’s for, and how long it should be? Do you know why you should or should not meet all the qualifications? Do you know what content should be in a cover letter and its important paragraphs? Do you know how the reader determines if you are overqualified, under qualified or the right person for the job? Do you know the major misunderstood ‘words’ that impact cover letters and resumes?

This Book is intended to:
• Help individuals write a purposeful cover letter to find enjoyable employment.
• Assist the reader of a cover letter in how to recognize and match an individual’s skills, abilities, and experiences; to a job description, and its responsibilities.
• Assist people who help or train others to develop cover letters.

You will learn:
• The purpose of a cover letter, what specific information should be included, and why.
• How to describe your past job responsibilities, so the reader will be able to assess your level of skills, abilities, experience, and knowledge for the job.
• The three most important paragraphs of a cover letter.
• How to write a winning cover letter.

This book provides the secret to having a winning cover letter. It explains what information should be in the cover letter along with my rationale for its importance. With this revolutionary process, readers of your cover letter will be able to access your unique skills, abilities, and experience, but more importantly, your level of skill, ability, and experience. Get the answers to these questions and many more in ‘Cover Letter, What’s Its Purpose?

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