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Is There Really Job Training Available For You?

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Unemployment and lay-offs are at an all-time high. To help stimulate the economy jobs are being created to assist veterans, unemployed workers, those in transition, and our youth. The responsibility to train this workforce has been passed to the Regional Workforce Development Boards who in turn have partnerships with community-based agencies, higher educational institutions, and vocational schools to provide job training in perceived occupational skills.

However, if you are one of the many experienced workers with several years of proven work experience, I wonder is there really job training available for you? If you are a high school or college graduate, Is there really job training available for you?  Meaning: your skills, abilities, enjoyments, interests or experience.

The reason for this question is because:

  • The job-training programs are already pre-designed
  • The number of training programs offered are limited to perceived occupational skills
  • Applicants can only choose what job-training programs are available
  • The applicant cannot choose what they like to do
  • Most of the training offered is for the entry level worker

I also wonder where is the ‘Innovation’ in job training because for at least the past fifteen years, computer technologies have altered the way work is performed as well as the workplace. Yet traditional approaches to job training have remained the same, leaving employers desperately seeking skilled workers or people who want to work.

While few jobs in the trained discipline are obtained, in many cases for the applicant, there is no job available for training received, only a certificate and another training program.

Small businesses drive the economy and due to the large amount of layoffs, many small businesses are emerging.  While some of these small businesses are listed in the occupational skills grouping, many small businesses that hire artists, singers, radio announcers, landscapers, interior decorators, fishing, skiing, computer analysts, computer graphic designers, comedians, card players, wine tasters, game players, writers, readers, house cleaners, home-based internet businesses, etc are not included.  All of which make-up a productive workforce. The difference is many small business people earn income doing what they are good at and enjoy doing.

There is a solution

There is a solution that meets the needs of the changing work-place/force for both the individual and employer.  Gene Hodge, provides job-training programs and workshops that uses an innovative methodology based on what the individual enjoys doing and ‘age-based performance’.