Innovative Job Training Program – A collaborative model

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It’s finally here….a job-training program whose methodology is a revolutionary training ‘process’ for adult individuals that enables each to recognize their hodgepodge of unique and motivated skills, abilities, interest, experience, and passion. But more importantly, ‘how to’ match their uniqueness to compatible and enjoyable jobs; without using traditional approaches; resulting in significant increases of employer productivity and employee morale.

It’s called the ‘Ultimate Job Transition Training Program (formally the Job Readiness & Computer Literacy Training Program) and according to over 800 graduates and Eugene Hodge, designer and lead trainer of the program, this program produces such results in just three months.

We recently completed three programs in three cities at the same time. Hodge said, “It was the most important milestone because it truly demonstrated an ideal model of community collaboration between private industry, government, media, city/state agencies and individuals”. Among the collaborators were the: Hamden Job Service and the Regional Workforce Development Board, who’s staffs recommended unemployed workers to the program orientations; Connecticut Department of Labor (DOL) who funded over fifteen programs, DOL’s Business Services Unit – who’s’ professional staff provided space to interview program candidates; Allied Engineering Corporation who sponsored a disadvantaged individual from New Haven into the program; Connecticut Limo who sent three employees to the program; three individuals also paid $1300 out-of-pocket, to be in the program. Also, the New Haven Register, Inner-City News, New York Times and Quinnipiac College were also contributors to exposing this job-training program to the public.

When asked, what’s unique about this program, Hodge said, “This program focuses on enhancing and converting present skills of individuals into functional skills, which are applicable in jobs”.

Hodge said, “just think about it. Employers are concerned with productivity and profits. The workplace has changed (due to downsizing, restructuring). The way we (society) perform work has changed. The technology has changed and continues to change. Things are changing. Yet much of how education and job training is delivered has remained the same. This program meets the changing needs of the individual and the workplace”.

While there are many productivity tools in the workplace, many employers and educators have failed to recognize how to match human productivity with these productivity and technology-oriented tools. What an individual enjoys doing naturally makes them productive. This program combines what an individual knows how to do (abilities) with what they enjoy doing.

To date, Mr. Hodge has implemented this program at Quinnipiac University (over ten programs), University of Hartford, Gateway Community-Technical College, Housatonic Community-Technical College and University of New Haven. Similar programs were also implemented at the Workforce Development Board (Private Industry Council), Urban League, and Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC) in earlier years. Over 800 individuals have attended these programs with better than a 98% completion rate and with more than 88% of them having obtained jobs ranging from $8 – $75 dollars per hour.

This program is ideal for: employers needing to upgrade employees skills or who are laying off workers, job seekers, and graduating seniors preparing to enter the workplace.

Another Training Program is being scheduled. Employers and job seekers interested in attending an orientation or to obtain for more information should call 727-403-9475. Mr. Hodge now plans to market his program to employers.